I have been going to group meditations for a lil over a yr now, when i tell you I'm at such a peace. I do not stress about a lot of things going on around me. Thunder Walker will help you get in tunes with your inner peace. She has a warm heart and great energy.
I recommended her to a couple other friends of mine and we attend the group meditations together. .
The intuitive life coaching is on point and necessary. She told me so much about my life and my goals and assisted with my vision board to where I'm tackling my long term goals now.


 Truthfully an awesome experience. I go to Thunder for my one on one sessions and Group. I've learned to meditate and be in tuned with my own peace and zen. You will not be disappointed.


Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones. I had a read with Thunder about a month ago; the things that was revealed to me has come to past EXACTLY how Thunder revealed it to me. Just to give incite, I asked Thunder about a specific apartment that I was looking at and would I be approved for the apartment.  She said, you would but I see a lot of paperwork to be done. Well, I found another place cheaper than these, guess what I got denied even though I met all of the criteria . I called Thunder, she said NO, that's not the place....you're not going to be approved for them. After I week of me trying to over turn the denial. I applied at the place where Thunder had already told me I would be. Guess, what??? Completed the application Saturday, approved Monday morning. The leasing consultant called and said, I need this and that from you and you're all set. (PAPERWORK).  I'm a witness, if you get a read ....go with it NOT against it.  I will share more and other things come to past that has been revealed to me. ***smile #thunderisamazing #gogetyouaread #learntomeditate #Iamlearning #thirdeye